The Process

Project Deposit

A deposit begins the process to get you into your new home. Financing partners are available.


Due to ADU's being a residency, you'll need to get permits and permission from your local government and HOA.

Foundation and Preparing the Installation site.

Getting the land prepared for your installation is key. Whether it's a custom foundation or your typical foundation made of concrete, Top Box Living will work with you through the process.


Connecting your utilities is one of the final steps in the process

Once utilities are connected and trenches refilled it's only a matter of hours before your Casita is ready to be lived in.

Unit Delivery

The dream is coming together and your new BOXABL home is ready for delivery.

Installation and Roofing Installment

Your home is getting unpacked, and the roof placed.

Finishing your exterior look

There are a few extra exterior options for your home. Porch and Deck options as well as solar power packages are available for you to add to your new home.

Final Inspection

After everything has been thoughtfully installed and functioning the final inspection is all that separates you from your new home.

Casita concept doors open outside to grass